Medical First responder (MFR) is a comprehensive training imparted to Fire Personnel that will called to be the first rescuers on the scene of an emergency. The program reflects the latest advances in first aid and CPR. Medical First Responder provides primary rescuers with the information and skills they need to respond to medical emergencies with confidence and care.

Medical first Responder course focus on Primary and Secondary Scene Management, Advanced First Aid Procedures, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy, C-spine Management, Spinal Boards, Patient Packaging, Pharmacology, Traumatic Injuries, Medical Injuries, Childbirth, Multiple casualty incidents, and Patient Transfer to EMS.

The first responders will do a basic assessment of the situation by asking questions and checking vitals and the condition of the patient.  First responders are equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED), oxygen, and other supplies for initial care.  The first responders will then relay updated patient information to the 108/ Emergency Medical Services Unit.  Once the 108/ EMS unit arrives, our first responders assist 108/ EMS with continued care of the patient until they are headed to the appropriate hospital.


Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) is a pre-planned, self-sufficient, multi agency response to structural collapse situations. This can be a response to either a natural or manmade disaster or emergency. USAR has the capability to rescue casualties trapped by buildings, landfalls or slippages which collapse as a result of industrial accidents, explosions, natural disasters and terrorist activity.

USAR training involves awareness level for initial responders who generally work removing primary surface casualties, conducting initial intelligence gathering, identifying hazards and establishing marking systems, extensive training in the technical and specialised aspects of rescue. All of these skills combine to allow the rescuer to access survivable spaces located within the rubble to remove trapped and injured victims from partially or totally collapsed structures.