Flood Rescue Training Imparted To Fire & Emergency Services

                Goa Fire & Emergency Services Team Headed by Director, Fire & Emergency Services Shri Ashok Menon is trained in Swift Water/Flood Rescue Training at Kolad, Maharashtra From 6th May 2013 to 11th May 2013.

                The Special Rescue Training Academy(SRTA), A Training Organisation of the Drishti Special Response Services Private Limited Imparted Flood Rescue Training to the Officers and Fire Personnel of Goa Fire & Emergency Services Panaji, which will improve the state of preparedness of the Department for Rescue from Inland and Flood Water Related Emergencies.

                The six day Training Programme was conducted from May 6th to May 11th 2013 on the banks of river Kundalika at Kolad, Maharashtra where river offers a very appropriate flowing water body in form of Flood by opening the Dam Gates for an hour.